DNA 1:1 Laptop Initiative

  • Students who have either lost or had their laptop stolen need to complete the following steps before he/she may receive another SISD DNA laptop:

    Lost or stolen off district property

    • When any laptop is stolen or lost outside of district property, the student must contact the El Paso Police Department to file a report.
    • Then follow the steps below

    Lost or stolen on district property

    • If the incident occurs on district property, the report must be filed with the SISD Security/Police Department (The lost and stolen report may be downloaded by clicking on the following link -- Lost_stolen laptop form).
    • The Americas librarians may provide the student with the laptop make, asset tag, and serial number of the missing device.
    • Once the incident/police report is provided to school administration, a fee of $100 will be required before another laptop is issued to the student.
    • The fine will need to paid with the business manager in the business office or on the Americas Webstore at DNA Replacement Fee.
    • The student may then show proof of payment in the library to receive another DNA laptop.
  • DNA Fees

    DNA Fees 

    • Student usage fees must be paid each school ear as seen above. Students do have the option of keeping the laptops upon their graduation for a nominal fee (laptops may not be purchased before a student is set to graduate). 

    • Parents/guardians accept financial responsibility for costs related to damage due to purposeful action or gross negligence. The district will proceed with legal action, should financial obligation be ignored.

    • If a device is accidently damaged, the student will be responsible for a $40 repair fee.

    • The student must file a report with security or police services if the device is lost or stolen. If the device is unable to be recovered in working condition, the student will pay a $100 replacement fee and receive another device. o The district will provide tje student with another device.

    • Lost or broken charger replacements are $25

    • The laptop must always be secure when not in use.

    • The laptop, which is the property of a Socorro ISD, must be returned to the campus prior to the end of the school year or in the event of early withdrawal.

    • The district/campus has provided students with a “Digital Citizenship Orientation” and information for parents, via Open House events, parent nights, and handouts, including information about how to care for the device and how to make responsible use of technology.

    • Students and parents are responsible for the reading the Acceptable Use Policy found in the Student Handbook/Code of Conduct.