Compulsory Attendance and 90% Rule

  • Compulsory Attendance Law

  • Attendance for Credit: 90% Rule

  • Methods for Regaining Credit or Final Grade

  • Truant Behavior

  • Truancy Preventions Measures

  • Illness

  • Attendance Codes

Frequently Asked Questions about Attendance

  • What is chronic absenteeism?

  • Is chronic absence different than truancy?

  • How can I monitor my child’s attendance?

  • Who do I speak to at the campus in regard to my child’s attendance?

  • What do I do if my child refuses to go to school?

  • Is a doctor’s note required for every absence?

  • How does the district notify the parents/guardians regarding violation of the attendance law?

  • What types of absences count against my child’s 90% attendance?

  • What types of absences do not count against my students 90% attendance law?

  • Why does my student have different attendance rates for each course?

  • How does the 90% law impact middle school students?