PHEC Admission Policy & Enrollment

  • Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, all applications will be submitted virtually.


         All 8th grade students that pertain to our feeder pattern are given the opportunity to apply to PHEC at their middle schools (Please refer to timeline). Any student not attending a feeder pattern middle school, but is living in PHEC attendance area is provided an external link to this application process. 


    All students must meet the following admission requirements:

    • Students must live in the PHEC attendance area, or the student must have a district approved qualifying reason for the transfer.
    • Submit application to counselor or district
    • Be selected by the lottery system
    • Any student that is interested in applying to PHEC and has missed the deadline, may submit the application by clicking on the link.  The completed application will be sent to Leilah Jimenez via email to