Montwood Middle Military Families

  • We would like to welcome you to Moose Country! We are proud to announce that we have been accepted as a Purple Star Campus for the 2020-21 & 2021-22 school years.

    We hope that you get to experience all the fun and excitement  SISD and El Paso have to offer. 

  • For district site information, feel free to click on the Military Connect Tab on the top right hand side of the Montwood Middle School Web Site, near the search bar. 

  • Purple Star Campus  

    The Texas Education Agency is pleased to announce Montwood Middle School has fulfilled the criteria requirements of 19 TAC, § 61.1063 for the 2020-2021 school year, demonstrating support and commitment to meeting the unique needs of military connected students and their families, earning the Purple Star Campus Designation.  


     Our campus currently has 55 military connected students and families.

    • 25 Active Duty Families
    •   3 Active Reserves Families
    • 27 Retired/Veterans Families

    Our hope is to contact you throughout the year to find out what we can do to better serve you. 

    Montwood Middle School and SISD will be setting up Military Only Special Events throughout the year. At this time virtual events will take place, but we hope to have special events face to face once our current situation is better controlled.

    Here at Montwood Middle School, we share in the districts' sentiments, in that we pride ourselves in providing the best education possible for our students to ensure that their future is as bright as it can be and successful. We also understand the important role that families play in our children's education. 


    Need to talk to someone?

    Anyone needing telehealth services please call Military Life Counselor :

    Jerusalem De'Sion  915-208-1455

    Montwood Middle School Military Liaison:

    Carole R. Lindsey  937-5856 or

    School Counselors:

    Erika Gonzalez  937-5810  or   ( A- L all grade levels)

    Jessica Perez    937-5812  or  (M-Z all grade levels)