• Communities in Schools (CIS) Coordinators

    Where students can go for help!

    7:30AM-4PM (located inside the campus library)

    Briana Castrejon
    CIS Program Coordinator
    Phone: 915-937-2423
    Briana Castrejon

    Jackie Ordaz
    CIS Program Coordinator
    Phone: 915-937-2424
    Contact Jackie Ordaz    

    About Our Services

    Our mission is to champion the connection of needed community resources with schools to help young people successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life.

    We implement the following six components:

    1. Educational Enhancement
    2. Supportive Guidance
    3. Enrichment
    4. Health and Human Services
    5. Parental Involvement
    6. Career Awareness/Employment

    CIS Coordinators can help students with:

    1. Improve their participation in class.
    2. Feel more confident and better about themselves
    3. Deal with life issues
    4. Improve their grades and attendance
    5. Receive outside assistance
    6. Improve behaviors and attitudes toward school and life
    7. Stay in school
    8. Graduate
    9. Prepare for college
    10. Explore career opportunities