• 2020-21 Socorro ISD Military Connected Families #TeamSISD Seize Your Opportunity

  • Dear parents,

    H.D. Hilley Military Connect Team welcomes you to our school with open arms and warm hugs. My role as part of the Military Connect Team is to serve as your Military Family Liaison (MFL) at H.D. Hilley Elementary School. As MFL, the goal is to help provide information and implement a liaison program that creates a partnership among the school, military parents, FT. Bliss, and the surrounding community. This program helps increase parent involvement, and thus leads to overall improved communication, academic achievement and relations between parents, teachers, and administrators. Moreover, teachers and principals also acquire a better understanding of the family’s cultures, diversity, and form deeper respect for parent’s abilities and time as a result.

    Thank you for being part of the SISD family and looking forward to serving you.


    Mrs. E. Fuentes

    H.D. Hilley School Counselor