• Pharmacy Technician Certification 

    The healthcare industry is facing increasing demands, creating a need for qualified pharmacy technicians. Recent BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) data suggests this profession will grow 9% by 2024*. These sought-after healthcare professionals work alongside pharmacists in:

    • Pharmacies

    • Hospitals

    • Nursing homes

    The Pharmacology course is designed to study how natural and synthetic chemical agents such as drugs affect biological systems. Knowledge of the properties of therapeutic agents is vital in providing quality health care. It is an ever-changing, growing body of information that continually demands greater amounts of time and education from health care workers.

    Students attend Walgreens and CVS pharmacies for externship. Upon program completion students will have the opportunity to take the National PTCB Exam and become CERTIFIED and LICENSED  to  work as a Pharmacy Technician.


    Pharmacy Tech