Learn about the helpful remote learning tips and free Microsoft Education resources and products for parents, families and guardians. Many students are doing either distance learning or hybrid learning, and parents and families are looking for help in understanding what Microsoft offers in terms of help, guidance, resources and training. Learn the latest tips for online learning, resources for parents using Microsoft Teams, parents with students who have distance learning special education needs, and lots more.

    Webpage- Microsoft Remote Learning for Parents 


    Important Links within the Microsoft Remote Learning for Parents webpage:

    Distance learning with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

    Engage your student with easy tools they can use at home—the same industry-leading productivity tools that will take them from kindergarten through college and career. Free for students and educators.



    If your child is struggling with remote learning, Microsoft has learning tools that can help. 



    Getting Started Quick Guides

    Quick Start videos 

    If your child is struggling in a subject area or if they receive special education services, Microsoft has learning tools that can help. 

    Learn how to foster a dynamic hybrid learning environment with student-centered tools.


    For Students

    • Tips for Students is a collection of videos and tutorials that lets your child take charge of their own troubleshooting! Learn how to do almost anything in Microsoft Office 365 Education with these short, informative videos.
    • Here are one-sheets to download that will help you and your student use Teams: Get startedmeetings, and accessibility.