• Military Parent Advisory Council of SISD

    If you are a military-connected parent, and would like to have the opportunity to serve on this committee, please email Carole Lindsey.

    District MPAC


    At Socorro ISD we recognize the need to improve participation of military-connected parents in our local schools and district.  The SISD Board of Trustees, district, and school administration believe parent and community support are critical to the success of students and schools.  The intent of these bylaws and guidelines is to engage parents in a spirit of cooperation to bring our military-connected parents closer together to discuss and address education issues, improve communication, improve academic achievement, provide home support for teachers and administrators, and invite parents to participate in the school-based decision-making process.

    The management and control of public schools is the responsibility of local school boards and of the Superintendent of Schools.  The establishment of this military Council is intended to help Socorro ISD develop and nurture participation, bring parents and the community together to create a mutual respect and understanding for each other's concerns, share ideas, and celebrate our successes together. 


    The Military Parents Advisory Council members shall serve for a term of two years except for when terms are adjusted to create staggered membership or replace parents that move or resign. 

    1. One parent or guardian will represent early childhood (3-year-old and PK, Kinder), two parents representing different elementary schools, two parents representing different middle schools, and two parents representing high schools, and two parents considered as other for a total of 9.  This configuration excludes employees who are parents or guardians of such students, so that the Council is made up of non-employees.  Parent council members shall be recommended by the school principal or elected by, and from among, military-connected groups they represent.
    2. The school principal is automatically a member of the council by virtue of her/his position as principal. No election is required and administrator’s attendance at meetings is optional.
    3. Campus military liaisons are always invited to meetings and are welcome as Council guests.

    The Chairperson

    The chairperson must be a parent/guardian member of the Council and shall have the following duties:

    1. Perform all of the duties required by law and the bylaws of the Council.
    2. Speak for and represent the Council in council matters with the Director for Administrative Services and/or with the District Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services.
    3. Develop the agenda for each meeting of the council, taking into consideration suggestions of council members and urgency of school matters. An item may be added to the agenda at the request of two Council members, or as requested by the Director for Administrative Services, or by the Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services of Socorro ISD.


    The members of the council are accountable to the military-connected constituents they serve and shall:

    1. Maintain a district-wide perspective on issues and attend and participate in meetings;
    2. Participate in information and training programs and share information;
    3. Act as a link between the school council and the military-connected community;
    4. Encourage the participation of military-connected parents within the district;
    5. Work with the school district to improve student achievement and performance;
    6. Serve as ambassadors for SISD, advancing the mission of its educational goals.

    Scope of Military-Connected Council Responsibilities

    1. The District Council is an advisory and advocacy body.
    2. The Council shall provide advice or recommendations for consideration to the district via Administrative Services on matters related to student achievement or school improvement,including, but not limited to, the following:
      1. District policies and improvement plans affecting military-connected students/families;
      2. Provide feedback on current or future initiatives, such as new products, training topics, survey questions, best practices, recommended events and ideas on how to be even better advocates;
      3. Ways to improve military-connected students’ academic progress/performance, district services, awards, interventions, school environments, and other areas the council deems appropriate;
      4. Address or improve district communication strategies with the military-connected community;
      5. Explore innovative methods of involving parents of the military-connected community;
      6. Extracurricular activities in the school, specifically designed for military-connected families;
      7. School-based and district services for the military-connected community;
      8. Work with school district personnel to monitoring progress of military-connected students.

    Parliamentary Authority

    Roberts Rules of Order, shall govern parliamentary authority for the District Military Advisory Council and in all cases applicable but not inconsistent with these bylaws.