• Are you new to El Paso and/or Socorro High School? Military family students - be a part of our newly establishing Student Ambassadors program. We are looking for participants for the 2020-2021 school year!!

    Who are Student Ambassadors? 

    Student Ambassadors are student leaders within Socorro High School who are part of various programs including Student Council and Athletic Programs. These students demonstrate strong academic standards and a commitment to serving our school and community. Ambassadors are responsible for supporting our military students and act as a support to share information about our awesome school as suggest activities you may want to be part of as an SHS student.

    What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?

     The Student Ambassadors at Socorro High School will have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills such as leadership, team building, communication, and management. Skills such as these are in high demand by employers and universities. There are also activities centered on Social/Emotional learing and support developed through our Character Stron program!

    What does a Student Ambassador do?


    1. Provide a welcoming atmosphere for the new student of a military family.


    2. Meet and greet new students.


    3. Ambassadors conduct campus tours to new military families and students during visits to our campus.


    4. Attend monthly Ambassador meetings and required trainings.

    Student Ambassador Eligibility Criteria

    1. Students must have and will maintain a 2.0 GPA to participate in the program.


    2. Students must remain in good academic standing, cannot be on academic, progress, or disciplinary probation.


    3. Students must be committed to the overall success of the Ambassador program.


    4. Students will demonstrate the following qualities:


    ·         Leadership skills


    ·         Positivity


    ·         Communication skills


    ·         Professionalism


     For more information about the Student Ambassadors program or request a tour of the school for incoming students, please contact the Military Family Liaison Mr. Sanders.

    • Work number: (915)937-2040
    • Main office: (915)937-2000
    • Email: ahalat@sisd.net