• After-School Programs and Nearby Daycares

    (List is provided for information purposes only. CJE does not endorse any particular program.)

    Parents: For your convenience, we have created a list of day care services that either pick up or deliver students in our school. We do not endorse or recommend any agency, but due to the ever-changing nature of programs, organizations, agencies, or circumstances (such as COVID-19) this list is evolving or subject to changes throughout the school year.

    Day Care Phone Number
    A Place to Grow 915-855-6227
    Alchemy 915-588-0753
    Aladdin 915-540-9039
    Cradles and Crayons 915-857-7760
    Little Footsteps 915-849-9959
    A Place to Grow 915-855-6227
    YMCA (After School) 915-591-3321

    For current information, please visit DFPS Search for Child Care Centers.

    Enter your zip code in the search feature and check your desired needs for the best results.