• Community Resources

    SISD counselors do not promote or endorse any of the agencies listed above.

    Counseling & Therapy/Consejería y Terapia

    Eastside Counseling
    Esther Monty

    Therapeutic Services
    Address: 1600 N. Lee Trevino Dr. Ste C4
    Phone Number: 915-542-0300
    Address: 1855 Trawood
    Phone Number: 915-593-2000
    Phone Number: 915-593-2004

    Dr. Magda Jimenez Shaw
    606 Delhi Dr.

    Socorro, Texas 79927
    Phone Number: 915-861-8110

    Children’s Grief Center
    Child Guidance Center

    Address: 11625 Pellicano
    Phone Number: 915-532-6004
    Address: 2701 East Yandell
    Phone Number: 915-562-1999

    El Paso Center Against Family Violence
    El Paso Child Crisis Center
    24-Hour Crisis Hopeline
    Phone Number: 915-593-7300
    Address: 2100 N. Stevens
    Phone Number: 915-562-7955

    El Paso Behavioral Health System
    Family Services of El Paso

    Address: 1900 Denver
    Phone Number: 915.544.4000
    Address: 6040 Surety Dr.
    Phone Number: 915-781-9900

    PEAK Behavioral Health System                                      
    Project Vida
    Address: 5045 McNutt Rd, Santa Teresa
    Phone Number: 915-850-4741
    Phone Number: 575-589-3000
    Phone Number: 915-562-7955

    S.T.A.R.S.: Sexual Trauma Assault Recovery Service
    Address: 2108 N. Stevens

    Phone: 915-565-5021

    Emergence Health Network
    Address: 1600 Montana Street

    Phone Number: 915-887-3410
    Crisis Line: 915-779-1800
    East Valley Outpatient Clinic
    Address: 2400 Trawood Dr
    Phone Number: 915-599-6735
    Mental Health Outpatient Clinic
    Address: 1601 E. Yandell
    Address: 915-747-3510

    Military & Family Life Consultant Program
    Phone Number: 915-471-8878

    Paso Del Norte Civil Rights Project
    Programa de VAWA / Acta de Violencia Contra las Mujeres

    Phone Number: 1-888-855-8292

    Rescue Mission

    Address: 1949 W. Paisano
    Phone Number: 915-532-2575
    La Posada Home
    Address: 1020 N. Campbell
    Phone Number: 915.544.4595

    Utilities Assistance/Asistencia con facturas
    Health and Human Services: 2-1-1

    Project Bravo: 915-629-7664

    Food Bank/Banco de alimentos
    AYUDA (Monthly and emergencies)

    Phone Number: 915-851-0272
    Address: 1325 Beverly Ann Drive, San Elizario, TX 79849

    Law Enforcement Assistance/Asistencia de policía
    In case of any emergency, dial 911

    Horizon City Police Department: 915-852-1047
    Socorro Independent School District Police Services: 915-937-4357
    El Paso County Sheriff: 915-543-2280
    El Paso Police Department: 915-832-4400
    Child Protective Services (CPS): 1-800-252-5400 

    Immigration Legal Service Providers/ Proveedores de servicios legales de inmigracion
    Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services

    Address: 2400 East Yandell
    Phone Number: 915-532-3975
    Phone Number: 915-532-2677
    Fax Number: 915-532-4071

    Las Americas Refugee Asylum Project
    106 E. Yandell

    Phone Number: 915-544-5126
    Fax Number: 915-544-4041

    United Neighborhood Organization (U.N.O.)
    Will NOT represent immigrants in asylum or refuge cases/NO representara emigrantes en casos de asilo o refugió
    8700 Boeing


    SISD counselors do not promote or endorse any of the agencies listed above.