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    Vision: A community of lifelong learners creating opportunities for one another through support and collaboration

    Our mission is to foster a community of learners through a STEM and college-credit-based education founded on collaboration, creativity, and rigor, in order to prepare students for further post-secondary education and career opportunities.

  • Subject Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
    Math Pre-AP Algebra 1 or Pre-AP Algebra 2 Pre-AP Algebra 2 or Pre-AP Geometry Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-Calculus, DC Precalculus Pre-Calculus, DC Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, or DC Calculus
    Science Pre-AP Biology Pre-AP Chemistry AP Physics 1 or Physics 1 AP Biology, DC Biology, AP Chemistry, Medical Microbiology, or Anatomy & Physiology
    English Pre-AP English I or English I Pre-AP English II or English II AP English III, DC English III AP English IV, DC English IV, or English IV
    Social Studies AP Human Geography AP World History AP US History, DC US History AP Govt/Econ, DC Govt/Econ, or Govt/Econ
    Synergi4 Courses SYNERGI4 Elective 1/Education 1300 SYNERGI4 Elective 2/DC Speech SYNERGI4 Elective 3 SYNERGI4 Elective 4
    Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language II Elective Elective
    PE and Electives PE or PE Equivalent Fine Arts Credit Elective Elective
    PLTW Electives PLTW Elective: Intro to Engineering Design PLTW Elective: Digital Electronics PLTW Elective: Engineering Science PLTW Elective: Engineering Design & Development

    *Pre-AP: Pre-Advanced Placement; AP: Advanced Placement; DC: Dual Credit

    Students will commit to four summer sessions that will occur as follows:

    Summer before high school year
    Summer Bridge Camp (1 week camp)

    Summer 1: Between freshman and sophomore year
    Summer School Health Course for Engineering Students & All students assist with Summer Bridge Camp 

    Summer 2: Between sophomore and junior year
    Engineering Camp or Biomedical Camp & All students assist with Synergi4 STEM Camp

    Summer 3: Between junior and senior year
    Internship/Mentorship with Local Businesses

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