Welcome Military Families

Military Strong Kids
  • Welcome Military connected families and students to Helen Ball Elementary School. We are proud to welcome you to our Dalmatian family. We understand the unique challenges facing our military-connected families, and our Helen Ball family wants to make the transition into our school as easy as possible. When a new military connected student joins our Dalmatian family, they will be met by our student ambassadors who will give them a tour to welcome them to our school. My name is Susana Zamora and I am the military liaison and CIS coordinator for Helen Ball Elementary. Please feel free to reach out to me at (915) 937-8200 or at susana.zamora@sisd.net.

    Parents, if you need additional support, you should contact any of our administrative team, our Principal Mrs. Soto, or our Assistant Principal, Dr. Ramirez at (915)937-8200, our counselor Mrs. Molinar (915) 937-8217, Military Student Liason,  Ms. Jeanette Gutierrez (915) 499-0360 or our school nurse Mrs. Villareal (915) 937-8207.

    Thank you again and welcome to Helen Ball Elementary!