• Certification Reimbursement Process

    (22-23 Reimbursement Deadline: April 28, 2023)

    Step 1: Sign Up For ESL or BTLPT/Bilingual Supplemental Training

    • Training sessions will depend on the certification sought
    • Training sessions can be through DSC or online training modules/cohort
    • If no training session/module is completed reimbursement will not be processed

    Step 2: Sign Up For Appropriate Certification Examination(s)

    Step 3: Pass Examination(s) *

    Step 4: Post Certification On SBEC*

    Step 5: Submit Highly Qualified Initiative Reimbursement Form**


    * Test must be passed and certification must be posted within the current school year

    Please note that the fee for posting the certificate through SBEC will not be reimbursed

    ** Contact the Office of Bilingual/ESL Education at 915-937-0365.