It is important to get an early start on senior year!  There will be many boxes to check off as you go through senior year. Please follow our timeline so you don't feel overwhelmed.


    Items Needed to Create an Account for your FSA ID:

    1. Social Security Number

    2. A personal email address (Not your SISD email)

           --It is important to create a professional email, using your name or a variation of your name.

           --You will use this email for everything college-related, SAT, job applications, etc.


    Once you have created your Account for your FSA ID:

    1. Save your Username and Password in a safe place.

    2. You will be applying for FAFSA in October of your senior year and you need your FSA ID.  

    3. Every year that you are in college, you will be applying for FAFSA in October.


    Your parents will need an FSA ID as well.  They have to sign a portion of your FAFSA through their account.

    1.  If they have filled out FAFSA before, whether for themselves or your siblings, they will use the same FSA ID for you.  

    2.  If they can't remember their FSA ID, they need to contact Financial Aid at 1-800-433-3243.


    Here is the link to begin: My FSA ID