Welcome to Health

  • In health education, students acquire the health information and skills necessary to become healthy adults and learn about behaviors in which they should and should not participate. To achieve that goal, students will understand the following: students should first seek guidance in the area of health from their parents; personal behaviors can increase or reduce health risks throughout the lifespan; health is influenced by a variety of factors; students can recognize and utilize health information and products; and personal/interpersonal skills are needed to promote individual, family, and community health.


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      Health Expectations

      • Student Expectations and Guidelines

        • Arrive to class on time.
        • No eating in class (unless | allow you to)
        • Respect everyone who is in OUR class.
        • No talking while the teacher is giving a lesson or instructions.
        • Please raise your hand if you have a question.
        • Ask for permission to go to the restroom.
          • 2 people out in the restroom at a time and sign out (1 boy and 1girl)

        Come prepare every day with class materials or you will automatically be deducted points from your grade.

        Negative Consequences:

        1. The first attempt is a warning.
        2. The second attempt is a phone call home.
        3. The third attempt is a parent conference.
        4. Fourth attempt is a disciplinary referral.

        Positive Consequences

        1. Student Choice Activity
        2. Positive referral

        There is zero tolerance for physical misconduct. This will result in an automatic disciplinary referral.


      Class Schedule

      • Period Time Grade Level
        1st/5th 8:15-9:45 7th 
        Stallion Pride 9:48-10:15 7th 
        2nd/6th 10:18-11:48 7th 
        3rd/7th 12:24-1:57 7th
        8th 2:00-3:30 7th