Military & Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program

  • The Military and Family Life Counseling Program supports service members, their families and survivors with non-medical counseling worldwide. Trained to work with the military community, military and family life counselors deliver valuable face-to-face counseling services, briefings and presentations to the military community both on and off the installation. Military and family life counseling services are available to active-duty service members and their family members, National Guard and reserve service members (regardless of activation status) and their family members, designated Department of Defense expeditionary civilians and their family members, and survivors. Issues addressed include improving relationships at home and work, stress management, adjustment difficulties, parenting, and grief or loss. It does not address active suicidal or homicidal thoughts, sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, alcohol and substance abuse, or serious mental health conditions. Non-medical counselors can be trusted to keep your information private. However, they are required to report situations where you could be a danger to yourself or to others, situations involving domestic violence or violence against another person, child abuse or neglect, and any present or future illegal activity.

    Child and Youth Behavioral Counselors Brochure

    For more information about the Military and Family Life Counseling Program contact Jerusalem De Sion, call 915-208-1455 or Email Jerusalem DeSion.