1. You are a STUDENT athlete! Your academics are your priority, thus you are expected to perform to best of your abilities inside and outside of the classroom
    2. NEVER QUIT! Always give it your best, every day, every race.
    3. COMMITMENT! You are part of a team and everyone has a role.
    4. You are a FALCON! Act like it. Be confident, behave in class, be a champion, bleed purple and orange!
    5. Be DETERMINED! Set goals for yourself and your teammates and reach them
    6. Have good SPORTSMANSHIP! Respect your coaches, teammates, and student athletes from other schools.
    7. Be PUNCTUAL! Not only to practice, but to all of your classes.
    8. No HEADPHONES! You can run with your phone and play music, but you must play the music on speaker and have a strap for your phone.
    9. Look both ways before CROSSING THE STREET! Make sure you are checking your surroundings for incoming traffic when running on the roads.
    10. Use the BUDDY SYSTEM! Always run with a buddy. When going on out of town trips, make sure you take a partner with you anywhere you go!