Every player WILL be expected to adhere to the following rules and expectations, whether freshman or senior.

    • Follow the student handbook code of conduct.
    • Follow the dress code during school and at athletic outings.
    • Be a gentleman in the classroom, hallways, road trips, and on the phone to parents.
    • Make the A/B or all A honor roll.
    • Be early to school, practice, or tutorials, and stay late to work on your grades or you game.
    • Put basketball in perspective: faith, family, education, and then basketball. You will notice basketball comes before girlfriends, friends, hanging out, etc.
    • If you are going to miss school or practice, please tell the other coaches or me. If you cannot contact anyone of us, leave a message.

    Being in our basketball program is a privilege.  To attain a championship, the following characteristics must be everyday habits.  I tell my players, “You get out of this game what you put into it.  You cannot cheat this game.”


    To win championships, you must outwork your opponent everyday of the week. 

      • Working extra hard on the fundamentals of the game, conditioning, extra time in the weight room, etc., give you an edge on your opponent. Larry Bird used to run three miles a day as a warmup!  Then work on ball handling, shooting, lift weights, find pickup games to play in and then find a sandpit to run in.  Michael Jordan used to stay two hours after practice at North Carolina to work on his jump shot.  He would not go home until he made fifteen jumpers in a row.  Isn’t it odd that the greatest in the world would work the hardest?


    You should be loyal to your coaching staff, each other, the school, the community, your family and yourself. 

      • Your coaching staff will always defend you in public and in the hallways. In the same way, defend and support us.
      • BUY IN to the program. Players must be loyal and “buy in” to what we are trying to accomplish, if there is a TOTAL BUY IN, we WILL be successful and we WILL be champions!
      • We will work our tails off for you.  If you work hard for us and support us, we will go the extra mile for our athletes.


      • Classy dress does not always mean expensive clothing, it means neatness in appearance. Sagging pants or sloppy dress is not permitted by the school, and we will not tolerate it in this program. 
      • Unkept or sloppy appearances will be dealt with between the coaches, players, and parents. We will dress classy; we will be respected by all!


      • I do not care how “talented” you are, if you are not coachable, you will not play and will be dismissed from the team.
      • We are in a great district, playing well-coached teams. The last thing we need is a “cancer.”  Cancer, when detected, is cut out.  Cancer is a disease.  If you are a cancer to the attitude, confidence, and well being of this program, you will be dismissed. 
      • Coachability does not assure playing time, but it gives the coaching staff more confidence in putting you in a game.


     Probably none of you will go to the NBA.  Only a couple of you will have a chance to play college basketball. 

      • Education is the greatest way to succeed in life because it gives you more options. It may not make you rich, famous, or even popular, but it can give you the satisfaction of knowing you have accomplished your goals, overcome obstacles, learned a great wealth of things, and have become more powerful.  Education, communication, and knowledge give you the power because you know things others don’t, you know how to communicate in ways others can’t, and you learn to appreciate how things have come to be.  I know many fine people who did not receive a “high” education.  They are great people, but 90% of them would tell you that getting an education is important in this day and age.  High school graduates make 42% more than drop-outs.  Imagine how much more a college graduate makes.  Obviously, some with little education make good money.  A few are probably even rich.  But not many.  Not anymore.  The point is, whether you get a high school diploma, a college degree, a master’s degree, or better; make it the best education you can.


    Late to practice: 

    Promptness is a necessity for success!  If you are on time, you are late. 15 minutes early is being on time!

      • Jump 250 benches for being late, unless a note is given for your tardiness. Sleeping too late, the halls were crowded are not good excuses. 
      • The second time it occurs, you will jump 500 benches and run extra.
      • The third time, 1000 benches you will run extra, and you will be suspended for one game and I will call home.
      • A fourth time is the last, you will be dismissed.

    Late to class. 

    Since the coaches and I are in constant communication with other teachers, we know when you are late for class.  Teachers make it a point to tell me if you are late or are having trouble in class, so I am aware.  The teacher will discipline you first, and then the coaches will discipline you.

    Skipping class. 

      • If you skip class with an unexcused reason, you will jump 1000 benches, run extra and sit out at least half of a game.  I will call your parents. 
      • The second time, you will be dismissed.  We believe there is no reason for missing a class with an unexcused absence. 
      • It is a privilege to be a part of our basketball program.  If you don’t go to class, you don’t play, PERIOD!

    Disrespecting a Teacher, Administrator, or another Coach. 

      • It is the same as skipping class, it will not be tolerated.

    Misbehaving on a road trip. 

      • You are a part of our basketball program and a member of this community; you will represent it in the highest manner.  Misbehaving on a road trip will not be tolerated.  You will be disciplined by the coaches and be sent home on a bus with an assistant coach.

    Missing Practice.

      • If you miss practice with an excused absence, you will have to work to regain your spot. 
      • You will not be punished, and you will be given a chance to regain your spot.  We feel that missing even one practice, you will not be as mentally prepared as your replacement; however, your desire and work ethic to regain your spot will be noticed.
      • Missing practice or shoot a round before a game for an unexcused reason is not acceptable; this will result in not suiting out for the game.  If it becomes a habit, you will be dismissed from the team.


    Positive reinforcements will be a routine for the coaching staff.  Players who demonstrate great desire and attitude will have a chance to receive “Player of the Day” recognition, along with “Player of the Week” and “Player of the Month.”  During the season, we will recognize the offensive and defensive players of the game and a “Mr. Hustle.”  At the end of the year banquet, plenty of awards will be handed out.  Of course, encouragement and pats on the back will be given out often.

    Before the season starts, we will have a parent meeting to further discuss rules and expectations.  We desire your support and encouragement.  Thanks for being part of our program!




    Coach Moreno