Community Resources

  • NAMI Resources  


    Texas Suicide Prevention  

    A collaborative initiative to reduce suicides in Texas, Texas Suicide Prevention, provides resources and in-person, online, and video training. Resources include information about specific populations and after a suicide takes place. 


    Texas Education Agency (TEA) 

    The TEA website provides a list of resources related to the counseling and mental health services component of the coordinated school health model. 


    2-1-1 (Human & Health Services) 

    5115 El Paso Drive 

    El Paso, TX 


    Trained professionals provide information and referrals for government agencies and many 

    other state and local services.  


    Aliviane Behavioral Health Clinic 

    1626 Medical Center Street 

    El Paso, TX 79915 

    Contact: (915) 782-4000 

    Note: Adults/Rehab 

    SAFESTART Program 915-782-4023 


    Borderland Rainbow Center 

    2714 Wyoming Ave. 

    El Paso, Texas 79930 


    Note: resource for LGBTQI 


    Catholic Counseling Services, Inc. 

    499 St. Matthews Street (Building E) 

    El Paso, TX 


    (915) 872-8424 

    Note: Individual and Family Counseling 


    Center Against Sexual and Family Violence 

    580 Giles 

    El Paso, Tx 79915 

    915 593-7300 or 800-727-0511 

    Suicide Prevention Services 

    Note: Counseling Services 915-595-2238 


    El Paso Child Guidance Center 

    2701 East Yandell 

    El Paso, Texas 79903 

    (915) 562-1999 

    Suicide Prevention Services 

    Note: Outpatient Counselor – Lower Level 


    Texas Tech Outpatient 

    Pediatric Psychiatry or Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 

    800 N. Mesa 

    El Paso, TX 79902 



    Emergence Health Network 

    8500 Boeing 

    El Paso, Tx 79932 

    Crisis Line: 915-779-1800 

    Suicide Prevention Services 

    Note: Uninsured 


    El Paso Center for Children 

    2200 N. Stevens 

    El Paso, Tx 79930 




    Family Services of El Paso 

    6040 Surety Dr, 

    El Paso, TX 79905 

    (915) 781-9900 

    Note: Outpatient – lower level 

    Note: Uninsured 


    Jewish Family and Children's Service 

    401 Wallenberg 

    El Paso, Texas 79912 


    Rev. 8-11-17 


    Peak Behavioral Health Services: Acute Clinic 

    5055 McNutt Rd, Santa Teresa, TX 79902 

    (575) 589-3000 or 888-599-9808 


    El Paso Behavioral Health Services – Main Campus 

    1900 Denver Avenue 

    El Paso, TX 79902 



    Suicide prevention program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for suicide prevention 



    El Paso Behavioral Health Services – East Clinic 

    10501 Gateway Blvd. West 

    El Paso, TX 79925 


    M-F 8am-5pm by Appointment Only 


    El Paso Behavioral Health Services – Northeast Clinic 

    5255 Transmountain Road 

    El Paso, TX 79924 


    M-F 8am-5pm by Appointment Only 


    NAMI El Paso- The National Alliance on Mental Illness in El Paso 

    6044 Gateway Blvd. E Suite 401 

    El Paso, TX 79905 

    915 778-5726 

    Free classes, support groups, and information for those affected by mental illness.