• Keyboarding Lessons

    Keyboarding is an essential skill for education to become career ready, enabling students to communicate through a digital platform effectively.

    Nearpod provides a series of interactive lessons where students engage in keyboarding activities to improve their speed and accuracy on targeted keys. The lessons contain a social-emotional learning component where students practice goal setting and reflect on their strengths and areas of growth.

    What are the Nearpod lesson topics?

    The lessons are bundled into seven skill topics: Home Row, Top Row, Bottom Row, Shift Keys, Punctuation, Numbers (requires 10-keypad), and Symbols. Each bundle consists of lessons that concentrate on certain keys.

    How are the lessons accessed?

    1. Review the Scope and Sequence document to identify a lesson to begin with.
      • Select a lesson by clicking on the hyperlink(s).
      • Example: Home Row, etc.
    2. You will then be directed to Nearpod.
    3. Lessons are bundled by skill type. Preview the lesson(s) and then select Show in My Lessons to add the lesson to your library.
    4. Once you have successfully added the lesson(s). Navigate to My Lessons to edit, preview, and assign lesson(s).   

    How can they be implemented?

    • Use the Live Nearpod lesson option to introduce the first lesson modeling and guiding students.
    • Use lesson tracker to monitor progress
    • Assign Student Paced lessons for self-paced and independent practice
    • For reoccurring lessons, do not set an expiration date on the Nearpod lesson
    • Suggestions
      • At home practice
      • Stations
      • Warmups
    • Nearpod lessons can be easily embedded into your Schoology course, watch this video for more details

    For more information, contact instructionaltech@sisd.net.