Student Code of Conduct

  • The Student Code of Conduct exists to promote the best possible learning environment in SISD. The enforcement of campus rules is critical to the existence of such an environment which can only flourish in an atmosphere of safety and security. The Code of Conduct covers students and activities on school property during regular school hours, as well as other times and places where teachers and school administrators are responsible for students.

    Each student is responsible for disciplining themselves and for being familiar with the policies set forth in the Student Handbook & Code of Conduct. The document is also a reference source for parents and guardians who are asked to carefully read this code so they will know what is expected of their children and what they should expect from their school. More specific information may be obtained from Board Policy, which is available in the principal's office of each school.

    2022-2023 Student Handbook/Code of Conduct (English)

    2022-2023 Student Handbook/Code of Conduct (Spanish)

  • Online versions of SISD Policies are provided as a courtesy and for your convenience. While every effort has been made to try to ensure that the online version is consistent with the official copy, please keep in mind that online documents should be considered “unofficial” copies.

    Official copies of SISD policy may be found in the District Service Center, at 12440 Rojas Drive, El Paso, TX 79928.

    For further information or assistance, please contact Amanda Martinez at (915) 937-0054.