• You can view which attendance boundary your address falls in by using our elementary, middle, and high school boundary maps.
    Step 1:
    Find the boundary maps that correspond to the grade level you are interested in:
    Elementary grade level, Middle School grade level, or High School grade level.
    select map
    Step 2:
    Click on the "View Larger Map" icon in the upper right hand corner.
    select map
    Step 3:
    On the newly opened window, click on the magnifying glass on the left hand menu
    to start searching for a street.
    select map
    Step 4:
    Start typing an address. The search bar will automatically start finding the closest match as you type.
    select map
    Step 5:
    Select the result closest to your desired address.
    Address Found
    The address will display on the map.
    Step 6:
    Click on the shaded area around the address marker. The attendance boundary will be shown in the left hand menu.