• Library Services and Procedures

    Library Hours

    Monday through Friday: 7:30 A.M. - 4:15 P.M.


     library logo Circulation

    Students may check out 2 books for two weeks.
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    dollarsign Fees and Fines

    A fine of five cents per day will be charged for each late book.



    Scheduling Classes
    Please see the librarian or aide when scheduling classes for library visits. It is requested that teachers sign up for classes at least one week in advance. PLEASE PLAN EARLY. Teachers are to accompany their students to the library and remain with them during the duration of the period (this is district policy). 

    DVD Viewing Permission Forms
    If you are planning to show a video in your classroom, pick up an official video permission form from the library. This form must be filled out completely and approved by an administrator and filed with your lesson plans before the DVD can be shown. We must follow the acceptable use policy and copyright laws for playing videos in a school setting. 

    Please be aware of the Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines regarding DVDs (the librarian can advise) to avoid unnecessary confrontations with upset parents and/or lawsuits. Teachers must have a permission slip for each student, signed by parents, prior to showing PG-13 movies. R-rated movies should not be considered in a school environment.


    Access to the Library by Students
    Students have open access to the library before school, throughout the instructional day, and after school until 4:15 p.m. (or later, as the need arises). An official library pass, filled out in full and signed by the teacher, is required for access during instructional class periods.

    Students must have their picture ID with them at all times in order to conduct any business in the library, such as checking out books or using computers.


    Interlibrary Loans
    In cooperation with the other libraries in the SISD, we offer the option of interlibrary loan. Upon request, students and staff may check out available items from other SISD campus libraries. Please see the librarian or aide if you wish to take advantage of this service.


    Students must have their picture ID to check out books (we use a picture ID to protect students and to avoid any confusion that might occur). There is a two-week checkout period for most materials in the library. Students are charged five cents per day for an overdue book. Reference books are not to be checked out, as they need to remain in the library at all times for research purposes.

    Teachers may check out materials for as long as they need. On occasion, teachers will be asked to return an item if a student or another teacher shows good cause for needing the item immediately.

    Students should not check out books for their friends. If a student owes an excessive amount of fine money, or if the student already has several books checked out, he or she may not be allowed to check out more books until either the fine has been paid or the overdue books are returned.

    Periodicals and Newspapers
    We offer a variety of magazine subscriptions (22) for the enjoyment of our patrons. We also subscribe to the El Paso Times on Monday through Friday only. 


    Professional Library
    The professional library offers a variety of teaching aids, district information, books, DVDs, and professional journals. A few of the items in the professional library are not cataloged in the computer system and must be checked out the "old-fashioned way." Please see the librarian before borrowing any materials from the professional library.


    Lexile Levels
    We offer an ever-growing collection of titles with Lexile Levels, fiction as well as nonfiction.

    Student Conduct
    Students are expected to exhibit their best behavior while in the library. School rules will be enforced. Students should be respectful and courteous to each other, to adults, and to library materials.

    Students should respect the property of others. To this end, students may not put their feet on the chairs or tables, and they are not permitted to sit on tables. There will be no gum, food or drinks allowed in the library. Maintaining proper conduct in the library at all times is important.