dog SHS Library Policies and Procedures

    Hours of Operation

    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday

    7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Friday
    Closed during Intersession 

    Online Catalog: The SHS library's collection is accessible through any computer located in the library.


    Computer Access: SHS library offers students access to the Internet, word processing, and email. It offers community patrons access to computers (only if available). SHS students take precedence. 

    Online Searching: SHS library subscribes to the Digital Knowledge Central database collection, which includes Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition. It also subscribes to Gale, an academic database for research.




    Circulation Desk

    Student Access to the Library: Student ID is required to enter the library before, during, and after school. During the instructional day, students need their ID, a pass signed by their teacher.
    There is a walk-in limit of 4 students per class.
    Only 1 student per pass.
    Student IDs: Students must present a school ID for book checkout, classroom set checkout, periodicals, and all computer use in the library.  Sorry, there are no exceptions to this policy.

    We use IDs to protect students and avoid any confusion that might occur.

    Circulation of Material: There is a 3-week checkout for most materials with a 5-cent per day overdue fine. Reference material does not circulate. Classroom sets are checked out for 9 weeks and must be returned by due date. Renewals can be requested only if no previous reservations are pending. Fines, lost material charges, and damage fees will block students from circulating materials outside the library.
    Laptop Distribution: 

    Laptops are collected and distributed through the library before school, during lunch or after school.

    Payments are made in the Business Office, before school, lunch or afterschool.

    If a laptop needs maintenance, the student will need to take his/her laptop to Mr. Lara and/or the Cyberdogs are located in the library. If there are questions regarding maintenance, please email Aldo Lara.


    Periodicals Department

    Student Access to Periodicals: Students have access to articles by using the Digital Knowledge Central database collection, which includes Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition. Gale provides access to professional journals on a variety of academic topics.



    The Periodicals Department houses computers with online access to information. Students may use these computers to search Internet sites for academic purposes.





    Classroom Sets: These are located in the book room. Please see the appropriate administrator.





    AV Materials: All AV materials must be checked out and checked in at Periodicals by library staff. This includes any videos. Any material checked out is the sole responsibility of the patron; therefore, it is strongly advised that he/she return all materials directly to the periodical staff. Please remember to reserve materials 1 week in advance.



    Scheduling Classes

    Collaborative Planning Form: In order to schedule classes in the library for instructional purposes, teachers must personally visit the library and, in cooperation with a librarian, fill out a collaborative planning form. We require class scheduling at least 1 week in advance. Classes will be scheduled according to available library resources and the number of classes scheduled at that time. Be prepared to stay with your class during library visits. You may not schedule substitutes to supervise your classes in the library. We need your knowledge of the students and the assignment to ensure a successful learning experience for the students.

    Media Lab

    Audio - Visual Equipement: AV equipment is requested through the circulation desk. A 1 week notice is required for all AV equipment requests. Due to the limited amount of equipment, it is necessary to request in advance to ensure its availability. All equipment is due back by 4:00 PM. Please do not leave equipment in the classroom overnight unless authorized by the library staff. Only videos that have been approved by your department administrator and not rated "R" will be shown.

    Laminating: Laminating will be done in the afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We request that your name be placed on the back of the items to be laminated and that you pick them up by the following day. All items that are left behind longer than a week will be disposed of.
    AV Supplies: 

    AV Supplies such as projector bulbs and/or additional parts must have a work order placed in order for campus or District Services to facilitate request.