Library Research Steps

  •                                  Library Research Steps


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    “ Endeavor to Excel”

                          Doornwaard (2018) 
    Researching with the Big 6
    April Doornwaard, Library Media Specialist
    Bill Sybert K-8 School
    El Paso, Texas


    Step 1:  Task Definition





    • What exactly is my assignment?
    • Have I brainstormed 10 to 20 search terms that pertain to my assignment?
    • Do I have my teacher‘s clarification/approval of my individual research plan in place?
    • What types of information do I need to complete the assignment?
    • What is my final product:  research paper, storyboard, book, model, diorama or PowerPoint presentation, etc.?


    Step 2:  Information Seeking Strategies





    • How many resources will I choose:  library books, online databases, the net, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, primary resources, etc.?
    • Select the multiple sources of information for my topic.


    Step 3:  Location and Access





    • Where will I find the resources?
    • Find the information in the resources.
    • Do I have the skills to find the information?
    • Ask for assistance in using the resources if needed.


    Step 4:  Use of Information

    • Read the information in the various resources and determine what I can use.
    • How will I record the information I find :  note taking, printing or highlighting,  Be sure to include bibliographic information needed for citations and bibliography.


    Step 5:  Synthesis

    • Organize information from all your sources.
    • Putting it all together:  The synthesis step is when I explain how each person, place or thing is connected and why. The other steps have been leading up to the work I do in synthesizing.
    • Present the information.


    Step 6: Evaluation

    • Did I complete my storyboard project, diorama or PowerPoint on time?
    • Did I find the information I was looking for and did I present the information clearly in my project?
    • Did I spend too much time in one step?  Is there something I would do differently next time?