• WIN Academy Logo
  • WIN is a student-centered program created to help ensure all Team SISD children have the opportunities and support needed to achieve academic success. WIN is an acrostic that outlines the keys to winning in life.

    W - Work Hard
    I - I Can Do It Attitude
    N - Never Give Up

    With students, teachers, leaders, staff, and community working hard, having a can-do attitude, and never giving up, Team SISD will achieve success and help WIN students succeed.

    In the WIN Academy, students who have not been successful in a “traditional” school setting will be able to gain two or more years worth of knowledge in a fast track, demanding, flexible education system that includes:

    • More High Expectations and Flexibility - Fast track, demanding, flexible education system to gain two or more years worth of knowledge in one year.
    • More Instructional Time - Extended Day: Nine hours, M-TH & Fri. regular instructional hours; Reading/Math Daily Double Dose; Saturday/Intersession/Summer Tutorials; Small Group Instruction.
    • More Personalized Learning - Teacher stays with students for multiple years and educates/knows them as if they are his/her own children.
    • More Rigorous, College Bound Learning Environment - Laptops for students/ teachers; Hands-On, Project-Based Learning; Structured Classroom Behavior Management.
    • More Accountability for All - Frequent data-driven standards for students, parents, teachers, campus/district leaders and staff, with “100%...No Excuses” vision of excellence.

    The WIN Academy serves some 20 students in each grade level who are identified by school teachers and leaders. The WIN Academy serves students in second through ninth grade at select campuses.

    WIN Academy Sites (grade-levels)

    Elementary Schools

    • Campestre Elementary (2-5)
    • Escontrias Elementary (2-5)
    • H.D. Hilley (2-5)
    • Hueco Elementary (2-5)
    • Lujan-Chavez Elementary (2-5)
    • Mission Ridge Elementary (2-5)
    • Purple Heart Elementary (2-5)
    • Robert R. Rojas Elementary (2-5)
    • Sierra Vista Elementary (2-5)

    K-8 Schools

    • Bill Sybert School (2-6) 
    • Desert Wind School (2-7)
    • Ernesto Serna School (6-7)
    • Jane A. Hambric School (2-5)

    Middle Schools

    • Capt. Walter E. Clarke Middle (6-7)
    • Salvador H. Sanchez Middle (6-7)
    • Socorro Middle (6-8)
    • Sun Ridge Middle (6-7) 

    High Schools

    • Socorro High School (9)

    If you are interested in becoming a WIN Academy Teacher please click here: SISD Jobs

    Please make sure to complete these forms if you are interested in becoming a WIN Academy Teacher:
    WIN Academy Teacher Pledge
    WIN Academy Teacher Reference Form