• New Grading Regulation – Information for Parents and Students

    Changes to local regulation EIA, ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GRADING/PROGRESS REPORTS TO PARENTS will take effect this month. These revisions are based upon Senate Bill 2033 which now requires all school districts to adopt a grading policy, including provisions for the assignment of grades on class assignments and examinations. The new law provides that a district grading policy must require a classroom teacher to assign a grade that reflects the student's relative mastery of the assignment; may not require a classroom teacher to assign a minimum grade for an assignment without regard to the student's quality of work; and may allow a student a reasonable opportunity to make up or redo a class assignment or examination for which the student received a failing grade. In accordance with Senate Bill 2033, the District has deleted its provision requiring a 50 to be recorded in the cumulative record when the student's average is less than a 50.