Sgt. Jose. F. Carrasco P.E Department

  • Our Physical Education class teaches students to develop healthy living habits that will last a lifetime. Students participate in a wide variety of activities, sports and challenges that will increase their physical, social, and mental abilities, teamwork and cooperation skills. We hope to provide a safe, fun and motivating class that will encourage all students to want to participate, have fun and try their best.


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      PE Expectations

      • PE Class Rules

        1. Respect yourself.
        2. Respect others.
        3. Respect this place.
        4. Wear proper footwear for daily physical activity.
        5. Play safe, participate and HAVE FUN!


        1.  1st Offense - Verbal warning.
        2.  2nd Offense - Reflection time until student is ready to return.
        3.  3rd Offense - Quadrant (4 quadrants = 1 Referral)


        1. Leadership Role.
        2. Fun Friday.

      Class Schedule

      • Time Grade Level
        8:35am - 9:25am Kindergarten
        9:25am - 10:15am 1st Grade
        10:15am - 11:05am 2nd Grade
        12:05pm - 12:55pm 3rd Grade
        12:55pm - 1:45pm 4th Grade
        1:50pm - 2:40pm 5th Grade