Physical Education

  • Our Physical Education class teaches students to develop healthy living habits that will last a lifetime. Students participate in a wide variety of activities, sports and challenges that will increase their physical, social, and mental abilities, teamwork and cooperative skills. We strive to provide a safe, fun and motivating class that will encourage all students to want to participate, have fun and try their best.


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      PE Expectations

      • General Student Expectations:

        • Participation/ Sportsmanship/ Safety
          • Students must be ready to learn and have fun. 
            • Americas High School has a ZERO tolerance policy for harassment and/or intimidation of others.
            • All gym doors shall remain locked at all times.
            • Foul language will not be tolerated
        • Students must have appropriate running shoes/sneakers.
          • Students must abide by the schools' dress code policy.
        • Students must have a water bottle.
          • Many times, students will have activities outside and it is important that students remain hydrated by bringing their water bottles to class every day. 
        • All cell phones should be put away during instructions.
        • Students must bring a copy of a parent's note, nurses' note, and/or doctors' note for them to be excused for the day's activity. 
          • Any notes to be excused from participating or suiting out must be presented to the School Nurse in writing and signed by the parent or guardian. This must be done BEFORE school. The nurse must clear the parents' note in order for the student to be excused. 
            • If excused, students will observe, and must remain with the class during the P.E. period.
          • Any excuse for more than a day will require a United States doctor's verification. Any unexcused absences, as per school policy, will result in a zero. If a student has an excused absence, he/she will be given two days to make-up missed assignments.


        Locker Room Expectations:

        • The use of any Technology (cell phones, laptops, etc) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at all times. 
        • Students can be assigned a locker for them to keep all valuables if they bring their own locks.
        • NO student is permitted in the locker room without a coach present. 
        • Please report any incidences (bullying, theft, injuries, etc) to your Coach immediately.
        • Be respectful of all classmates and their personal items


        Procedures and Routines:

        • Upon arrival at class, students will automatically head to the locker rooms to suit out.
        • All students have 5 min to suit out  and proceed to the Gym and sit in their assigned seats for attendance.
          • If a student is not in their assigned seat during attendance, they will be marked absent/tardy.
        • All gym doors will remain locked during instruction and students should never open the gym door(s) for anyone that is not part of our class period. 
        • Students will be given the last 10min of class to change back into their school clothes.
        • Students are to remain in the gym until their Coach dismisses the class at the bell. 
          • If a student decides to leave early from class, parents will be notified and a referral will be issued. 



      Class Schedule

      • Coach Classes Taught Conference Period
        Coach A. Gallego Individual Sports 7th Period (02:25-3:10pm)
        Coach V. Olivares  Outdoor Adventures,      Skill-Based Lifetime Activities 2nd Period (09:35am-10:20am)
        Coach M. Brooks Outdoor Adventures,       Skill-Based Lifetime Activities   5th Period (12:10pm-12:55pm)
        Coach L. Reno Lifetime Fitness 4th Period (11:15pm -12:05pm)