Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco Dress Code 2022-2023

  • Dress-For-Success Code


    • Polo Shirt: Red, White, or Navy Blue (school logo is optional)
    • Pre-K 3-Year-Old Only: Purple Polo (for safety)
    • Pre-K 4-Year-Old Only: Yellow Polo (for safety)


    • Khaki, Black, or Navy Blue Docker-Style Pants (any brand)


    • Shorts and Skorts are allowed but must be appropriate for school and age-appropriate.
    • Hoodies are not allowed during the summer months, but light sweaters may be used in class (air conditioner).


    • Sweaters and hoodies are acceptable but must be appropriate for school and age-appropriate. Hoodie hoods must be down at all times (safety). 

    Free Dress:

    - Team spirit and pride abound at Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco. Our uniforms and dress code help us to build on this foundation. Free Dress will be approved and announced by the school principal. Free dress attire must be appropriate for school and school-age appropriate. Any items regarding clothes, hair, or other attire which create controversy in school will not be allowed. This includes non-age-appropriate or inappropriate jewelry, baseball caps for outside wear, water bottles and any other attire. Please monitor the scholar's uniform and free-dress attire daily. Parents will be contacted if a scholar is not following the dress code and will possibly be asked to bring a change of clothes.