• Welcome to the Socorro High School Gifted & Talented page!

  • The SISD Gifted and Talented department will direct educational services that identify, nurture, and challenge the abilities of gifted students to a maximum capacity, thereby expanding their potential in order for identified students to realize areas of their contribution to self and society. We are committed to providing teachers and students the tools and support necessary to foster student success. It is our goal to bring out the best in every student and to help them discover and nurture their gifts and talents. With the help of our teachers, we hope to identify, support, and encourage our gifted students to reach their potential through advanced academics and the arts.

    Our program at Socorro High School serves students through our advanced academic programs, which include pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit classes, as well as through the arts and technical programs. In addition to advanced academics, we encourage our students to pursue extracurricular activities, academic competitions, and enrichment though many different programs, so they can continue to develop their gifts. We also sponsor Team Quest competitions, which are held annually and students can sign up for these competitions by getting in touch with one of the campus coordinators.

    We can support our GT students by assisting with study guides, reading materials, materials for science labs, and field trip opportunities in our advanced academic classes. We may also help academic organizations throughout the school year, including Destination Imagination, HOSA, BPA, Robotics, UIL, Science Fair, and Engineering among others, if funding is available.