Welcome Americas Military Families

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    Thank you for your service, especially for the daily sacrifice your family makes. As a former military man (Retired 2009), I understand the importance of being well informed. No one understands it more than you as to how important it is to ensure our children are safe and provided the best educational opportunities possible. Here are six ways that we can together do our part in their educational success.

    1. Sign them up for free online tutoring and homework service: https://www.tutor.com/default_transfer.aspx?nav=2
      1. https://www.tutor.com/cmspublicfiles/WWW/Tutor.com-Military-FactSheet-DoubleSided_2018.pdf
      2. https://www.tutor.com/cmspublicfiles/WWW/Tutor.com-Military-FactSheet-Spanish_2018.pdf
    2. 2) Encourage them to participate in after-school clubs/programs. The Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood (AYPYN) offered: Monday – Thursday 4:30 – 7:30
      1. Support the academic needs of students who require extended learning opportunities to be academically successful at school and to demonstrate proficiency on local and state assessments.
      2. Provide an asset-rich environment that builds protective factors and promotes resilience.
      3. Enrich schools' academic curricula with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives.
      4. Offer students the opportunity to participate in wellness/fitness activities (Non-Seasonal UIL Sports)
      5. Enhance students' experiences with creative arts (e.g., drama, vocal, and instrumental music, applied arts, arts and crafts)
      6. Engage students in environments where they can socialize, such as student unions and recreation centers ( games and movies afternoons)
    3. Fill out and return the Federal Impact Aid Census – Parent Survey: Importance Level: High Parents Impact Aid is a federal program that provides financial resources to schools impacted by federally owned, tax-exempt properties in the military and other communities. These funds have become part of our district’s operating budget and are critical to helping us with resources for our students and teachers. Expect to receive this form in October, please return it ASAP.
    4. Attend monthly parenting meetings: Every month. Americas High School hosts parent and family engagement workshops. Below are a few examples:
      1. A) Diabetes healthy living
      2. College Financial workshop
      3. Title I
      4. Internet Security
      5. Drugs in US High Schools
      6. Dealing with Teenage Anger
      7. School Safety
      8. Military Student Transfer made simple
      9. Students with deployed parent(s) support
      10. Coffee with the Principal
    5. Help me create a military parent group that would meet and connect with the administration once or twice a month. If you’re interested in supporting an Americas military parenting group, please contact me.
    6. Encourage your son/daughter to join the student ambassadors club, the youth organization that’s here to assist your son/daughter is transitioning into a new school. Student Ambassadors provide important information, a friendly smile, a tour of the school, lunch buddies, school contact info, and fun events just to name a few. For more information on student ambassadors, please click on the link on the left.

    Thank you so much for your sacrifices! You, along with your solider, are the heroes of this country. May God continue to bless each one of you!


    Mr. Jesse J. Smith
    Parent / Military Liaison
    Follow on Twitter at @JSmith_AHS