Cactus Trails Dress Code 2022-2023

  • Any parent having an item of concern regarding the school's dress code or code of conduct will need to address the School Improvement Team Committee. The committee is made up of parents, faculty/staff, administration and community representation. An appointment may be scheduled by contacting the school secretary and submitting your concerns in writing to be added to the agenda.

    Please reference the SISD scholars' Code of Conduct at any time for scholar expectations.

    Uniform Tops:

    • Students are expected to wear polo shirts with or without the school logo. Polos can be teal, white, or grey only. GOLD POLOS WILL ONLY BE WORN BY PRE-K STUDENTS FOR SAFETY REASONS.

    • Students may wear jeans with school-sponsored t-shirts on designated days. For your convenience, school uniform tops will be available at different functions on campus for purchase, but you may use a vendor of your choice. 

    Uniform Bottoms:

    • Students may wear khaki, navy, grey, or black pants, skirts, or shorts. 

    Scholars will have a free dress day for special occasions. However, please adhere to the following dress code:

    • All students will wear respectable clothing free of gang association, alcohol, and drug-related illustrations. 
    • Students will wear pants that fit properly and are not torn or ripped. Baggy pants or bicycle shorts are not allowed. 
    • All students will wear shirts with appropriate sleeves. Spaghetti straps, or halters will not be allowed. No midriffs showing.
    • All shorts/skirts will be of appropriate length. They must extend the length of the student's fingers at arms length. 
    • Clothing that is worn must not be a distraction or a hazard to the student's safety. This includes wearing Heely's shoes as they pose as a safety hazard. 
    • Hair should be worn neatly and not cause a distraction. 
  • Optional:

    • Monday - Gray #TeamSISD Shirts with Jeans
    • Wednesday - PE Shirts with Uniform Bottoms
    • Thursday - College Shirts with Uniform Bottoms
    • Friday - School spirit Shirts with Jeans