Degrees and Certifications:

Arizona State University Masters Degree in Family and Human Development.

Theresa Morrow

Ms. Morrow is a Special Education teacher for KEYS Academy, where she began her career in 2019. Ms. Morrow is the help she felt she needed during her school-age years. Theresa focuses on making connections with the youth at KEYS Academy that have adverse childhoods. She advocates for the students' needs by, "doing what is right for the kids; my vision is the kids", as said in her own words. In doing so, she guides the students to be self-advocates. In turn, students learn how to get more out of their education by knowing and understanding their own needs. Not only does Ms. Morrow deliver direction for academic prosperity, she also aids in the emotional well-being of the students. The students and staff see Ms. Morrow as a shining star that models the way to being the best version of oneself. KEYS Academy is lucky to have Theresa Morrow.