Summer Registration Schedule

  • Procedures

    • Arrive at the scheduled registration day and time only.
    • Enter through the main entrance to be provided with a routing form and number.
    • Provide hard copies of any receipts for pre-paid fees (see below) and proceed to the cafeteria until your number is called.
    • Once your number is called, you will proceed to each station in the main building in the order shown on the routing form.
    • Once all stations are completed, the routing form will be left at the final station.

    Plan Ahead

    See all information below to ensure your registration process is completed in a timely manner.

    • $25 DNA laptop device usage fee for 2022-2023 must be paid prior to registration through the MECHS webstore. Unpaid $25 fee(s) for 2021-2022 or prior years as well as any maintenance/repair fees must also be paid through webstore. Bring a hard copy of receipt of DNA Laptop and School ID fees that have been paid through the MECHS webstore.
    • $10 student ID fee must be paid prior to registration through the MECHS webstore. All students will be required to get a new MECHS school ID for 2022-2023.
    • Any payments not done ahead of time through the webstore will require a cash-only payment in the business office the day of registration. Advance payments will reduce wait times and are highly encouraged.
    • Online registration MUST be completed prior to your scheduled in-person registration. See the online registration webpage to complete the online forms. If online registration is not complete, students will need to wait until the first day of school to complete registration and have a schedule made. For assistance, email Maria Pena call or 915-937-1207.
  • 9th Grade

  • 10th Grade

  • 11th Grade

  • 12th Grade

  • Makeup Day