• Dress Code

    The Mission Early College dress code is established to maintain an environment that is conducive to student learning and shows the MECHS community why we are the FIRST and BEST Early College in the region. In order to foster a safe learning environment and represent the campus well, students will dress in a manner in which their dress or grooming will not disrupt, interfere with, or distract students from any school activities and refrain from wearing the following:

    1. Any clothing or accessories that contain pictures, emblems, or writing that:
      1. are lewd, offensive vulgar or obscene.
      2. advertise or depict satanic messages, obscenities, or alcohol/tobacco/drugs on clothing or accessories.
      3. are evidence of membership or affiliation in any gang or can be interpreted to be.
    2. Hats (males and females), caps, hoodies covering the head or sunglasses inside the main building will not be allowed. Hair nets or doo-rags will not be permitted at any time. Headbands that can be interpreted as gang affiliation are not allowed.
    3. Spandex, fishnet skirts, stretch clothing.
    4. Tank top straps (male/female) less than 2 inches on the shoulder and 2 inches from the clavicle (even if worn under a vest, coat, sweater).
    5. Spaghetti straps, even if worn under a sweater or coat.
    6. Off the shoulder blouses/shirts, tube tops (even if worn under sweater/coat).
    7. Bare midriffs (i.e. tops that expose the stomach) even if worn under a sweater/coat.
    8. See-through or translucent clothing.
    9. Jeans or other types of pants that are excessively torn.
    10. Exposed underwear and/or any undergarments.
    11. Excessively baggy clothing (pants and shorts must be worn at the waist).
    12. Improperly wearing coveralls/overalls. Straps must be snapped on and worn over the shoulders.
    13. Dresses, skirts, and shorts that are higher than mid-thigh.
    14. Long key chains, chains on pants, and wallet chains of any length. Belts must be tucked in all belt loops.
    15. Flip-flops, home slippers, shower shoes, pajamas, slides or sandals without a back strap. This applies to male and female styles, for example: Nike or Adidas sports sandals.
    16. Facial or body piercings are not to be worn/visible with the exception of earrings.

    Students who are in violation of dress code will be asked to change. Insubordination or refusal to comply will result in a disciplinary referral and parent contact.