• Attendance 

    It is very important that your child be in attendance at school every day. Texas State Law under House Bill 5 requires your child to be present 90% of the school year. Attendance is critical in a student’s educational journey, beginning in Pre-K and continuing through high school. Under HB5, there are additional consequences for students whose absences exceed 10% of class sessions. Not only does the student risk losing credit for the course, but a grade will not be issued until the parent addresses the problem with school personnel and finds out what their child needs to recover credit.  

    If your child is absent, a written note must be sent with your child the day he/she returns to school.  You may also send an email to our attendance office, email attendance office. You will have 2 days to send in a note.  If a note is not received within the 2 days, the absence will remain UnexcusedIf your child is out three or more consecutive days they must return with a doctor’s note.  (No Calls will be accepted to excuse absences).