• Attendance Plan

    Daily attendance is vital to student success. Attendance is an important factor in student achievement. Poor attendance has serious implications for later outcomes as well. The effects of lost school days build up one absence at a time on individual students as they miss vital classroom instruction.

    All SISD students and parents must comply with the state's compulsory attendance law which states, students are expected to be in class 90% of the time. Failure to do so will result in loss of credit for a student, even if they pass their class. At MECHS, FOUR ABSENCES of ANY TYPE in a semester, with the exception of school activities or partial days w/ a Doctor's note, will result in loss of credit in that course.

    Principal’s Attendance Plan

    to Restore Course Credit

    for the 2022–2023 School Year



    The state of Texas requires that students attend classes at least 90% of the time in order to obtain credit.  When students fall below those expectations, they have failed to comply with the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law.  Students who have lost credit might be able to restore it (if their attendance was at least 75%) by mastering the course with a grade of 70 or higher or by completing loss of credit (LOC) hours where they essentially “pay back” a portion of the time they were not in attendance (by doing something academic).


    When students have at least 75% attendance, they can complete LOC two (2) different ways:


    1. students may attend tutoring at the Phoenix Learning Lab (T119) either before school, during lunch, or after school, all the while ensuring social distancing is practiced; said hours will be logged on a form provided by the assistant principal and must be accurate and valid
    2. any teacher may provide an academic activity to allow students LOC time as long as they are willing to sign the LOC log AND it’s outside of the instructional day


    NOTE: at NO TIME may LOC be worked on during the instructional day (to include Study Hall, EPCC, and/or UTEP periods)!


    In order for a student to know how many hours of LOC they owe, the student needs to meet with the Assistant Principal at the beginning of a new semester in order to review an LOC contract and turn it in with parent and student signatures (the AP will reach out to the student and copy the parent).


    Once the LOC hours on the contract and log have been reconciled, the Assistant Principal will review for accuracy and turn in to the Principal for his signature.  The signed documents will then be turned over to the Registrar, who clears the LOC, prints an updated transcript reflecting such, and places all documents into the academic folder of the student’s cumulative school record.


    When students have less than 75% attendance however, the attendance committee (comprised of a teacher majority) decides whether the credit will be restored or if the course must be retaken for credit.  Students who have excessive absences due to extenuating circumstances are also addressed by the committee.  The committee meets once every 6 weeks.


    Questions/concerns regarding attendance should be initially directed to the assistant principal:


    Angelica Zubia

    Assistant Principal

    Email Angelica Zubia

    Phone: 915-937-1204

    Principal's Attendance Plan to Restore Course Credit: 2022-2023 MECHS Principal Attendance Plan