• Socorro High School Student Dress Code

    Socorro High School Student Dress Code for 2022-2023

    All scholars are required to follow the dress code at all times.

    The following items are unacceptable on campus or online.

    1. T-shirts or any clothing with obscenities, demonic symbols, alcohol/drug advertisements, or sexual connotations.
      1. Your online profile picture may not include any of the things mentioned above.
    2. Sunglasses in the building (unless prescribed by a doctor).
    3. Hats, caps, beanies, hair nets, do-rags, bandanas
    4. Midriff blouses or shirts that are too revealing. All shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in.
    5. Spandex pants or shorts, leggings under short shorts or skirts. These items may not be worn under torn jeans either.
    6. Skirts, shorts and dresses shorts than fingertip length.
    7. Torn clothing which exposes skin or undergarments. This includes torn jeans above the knee.
    8. Clothing which indicates gang affiliation. This includes bandanas.
    9. Belt ends which are too long. They must be in the belt loops.
    10. Wallet chains of any length, nor any other chain.
    11. Extremely baggy, saggy shorts or pants. Pants and shorts must sit at the waist line.
    12. Overalls/coveralls that are not worn properly with undergarments that are in compliance with the dress code.
    13. Spaghetti strap or shirt straps that are less than the width of the SHS ID card.
    14. Pajama pants
    15. Flip flops, strapless sandals, slides, slippers
    16. Tied and or rolled up pant/jean legs.
    17. Facial piercing, spike earing gauges, brass knuckles.

    Socorro High School is a drug-free zone. Other unacceptable items: Drug paraphernalia of any type including but not limited to,

    • Lighters, cigarettes, E-cigarettes, vape pens/cartridges, nicotine or any item containing THC


    Consequences for violating the SHS Dress Code: All discipline/dress code violations will be treated as discipline infractions and all faculty, staff, and administration will follow the campus progress discipline plan to include but not limited to: warnings & Student/admin conferences, Parent conferences, , written reflections, counseling referrals/conferences, CIS referrals, restorative circles, lunch or after school detention, in school suspension, out of school suspension.

    Please note:  Every time a student is out of dress code, the student will be addressed by an administrator.

    Student will sign a dress code contract. Parent will be contacted and asked to bring appropriate clothes to their student. Student will be required to change clothes or remove unacceptable item

    **Students with repeated infractions are subject to a discretionary change of placement to the district alternate campus.