Welcome to the Pebble Hills Soccer Program. It is great honor and privilege to have you in our program. You have worked very hard to be here. In the soccer program, we take great pride in our academics and our performance on and off the field. As part of the Spartan Soccer Program, you must remember that you represent Pebble Hills High School at all times. Students should be role models on and off the field. As part of the soccer program, students should be leaders and try their best on the field as well as in the classroom. Respect your teacher, opponents, referees, parents, and administration. Playing soccer is a great privilege and should be taken care of it, always show your best character in all situations. We come to school to get an education first then play sports. Students should always be an example of the five core values of the soccer program: Integrity, Respect, Leadership, Responsibility, and Team Work.


    The soccer program is established on five core values that everyone should try to follow every single day. The following is an explanation of each core value.  


    • INTEGRITY - always do what is right at all time. 
    • RESPECT - respect everyone around you specially the adults.
    • LEADERSHIP - take action and be proactive, do not wait on someone else to start. 
    • RESPONSIBILITY - take care of business at school, team and especially at your home. 
    • TEAM WORK - learn to trust and work with others. 



    The Following Rules will have a great impact on our Team Tryouts on December.



    As part of the Spartan Soccer program students should demonstrate great behavior in all their classes and in school. No disrespectful behavior will be tolerated towards any faculty or staff. Remember to follow all the rules set by the school and district. Fail to follow the rules set by the school and district will have their consequences that could affect your playing time or even worst get kicked out of the team.  



    All students should be passing their classes at all times. If a student’s fails to pass a class they will have to attend tutoring or any session needed to pass the class. Not passing a class will affect their practice since they will most likely need to miss practice to go to tutoring. A No Pass No play.  


    Practice Attire

    Students will receive a practice shirt to use during the class period. Only when we have 3-day week practice, students will be able to bring another practice shirt on Fridays. Students can also bring other PHHS Boys Soccer Shirts that they may have,



    All players should finish the season in good standing. If a player quits or leaves the program in a negative standing, they WILL be denied the opportunity to join the Soccer Class next year. They will be accepted until tryouts.


    • Players will have 8 minutes to change in the locker room once the 4th and 8th bell rings.
    • Students should arrive on the field and be ready for the coaches’ instructions.
    • If a player is more than 8 minutes to the practice period, he will be instructed to seat on the sideline and will count as a missing practice.
    • Missed practices will count towards December Team Tryouts. If a student misses 4 practices, he will not be accepted on the December Team Tryouts. A log will be kept for attendance and practices.
    • All students who make the soccer program should be in practice at all times, even if injured.
    • No soccer balls should be taken out of the soccer bag before being instructed
    • During soccer drills, players should be concentrated and communicating only about soccer or he will be dismissed from practice
    • It is the responsibility of the player to communicate directly with the coach (telling another player to the coach will not count as communicating).
    • If a player misses a practice, the coach will make the decision about the consequence.
    • Hazing, bullying, and negative comments will result in a dismissal of the player from the practice and the class.
    • If a player argues with the coach about a comment or a coaching suggestion, the coach has the right to dismiss the player from practice
    • Players will be assigned an individual locker
    • Student should ONLY keep their soccer equipment and school related material
    • No horseplay and fighting inside the locker room and on the field
    • No profane language will be tolerated in the locker room, on the field and in any activities related to the soccer program
    • Players will not have access to the coach’s office unless they are called inside
    • Players should respect all the other players properties
    • MANDATORY: Coaches will assign 2-3 players to help out with the soccer practice equipment


    As a player, I will always: 

    • Be on time to practices, team meetings and games.
    • Try my best and give my best effort during practice and games.
    • Respect my teammates, coaching staff, opponents and administration.
    • Try to improve my abilities and skills to reach my best potential
    • Inform the coaches, if I am unable to attend a practice ahead of time.
    • Inform coaches of an injury, I also understand that it is my responsibility to go to the trainers and receive treatment.
    • Respect the coaches’ decisions
    • Show great sportsmanship
    • Do my best in the classroom and try my best to pass all my classes with good grades
    • Participate in team bonding activities, fundraisers, or any activity that has to do with the team
    • Always show great CHARACTER.


    These will be the factors that will be taken into consideration for our December Tryouts:

    1. Grades
    2. Rules Compliance
    3. Practice Attendance
    4. Classroom and  School Behavior
    5. Soccer Player Evaluation
Last Modified on December 6, 2022