Welcome to the Pebble Hills Soccer Program. It is a great honor and privilege to have you in our program. You have worked very hard to be here. In the soccer program, we take great pride in our academics and our performance on and off the field. As part of the Spartan Soccer Program, you must remember that you represent Pebble Hills High School at all times. Students should be role models on and off the field. As part of the soccer program, students should be leaders and try their best on the field as well as in the classroom. Respect your teacher, opponents, referees, parents, and administration. Playing soccer is a great privilege and should be taken care of it. Always show your best character in all situations. We come to school to get an education first, then play sports. Students should always be an example of the five core values of the soccer program: Integrity, Respect, Leadership, Responsibility, and Team Work.


    The soccer program is established on five core values that everyone should try to follow every single day. The following is an explanation of each core value.


    · INTEGRITY - always do what is right at all time.

    · RESPECT - respect everyone around you, especially adults.

    · LEADERSHIP - take action and be proactive. Do not wait for someone else to start.

    · RESPONSIBILITY - take care of business at school, your team, and especially at your home.

    · TEAM WORK - learn to trust and work with others.


    2022-2023: 6A- Texas Bi-District Soccer Champions

    2021-2022: 6A- Texas Bi-District Soccer Champions

    2020-2021: 6A- Texas Bi-District Soccer Champions

    2019-2020: 1st PHHS Boys’ Soccer Team to Qualify to Playoffs

Last Modified on April 5, 2023