Dress Code

  • It is the philosophy of the Socorro Independent School District and Hernando Middle School that students should maintain high standards of dress, grooming, and appearance. SISD has established the following universal uniform options to compliment the other agreed upon school uniform options:

    • Khaki pants and a white polo shirt without a school logo.
    • School uniform pants and a school-colored polo shirt without a school logo.
    • Physical education uniform bottoms (shorts or sweatpants in any color) and a white, gray, or school colored t-shirt without a school logo.

    As per Policy FNCA (local), a universal uniform may be worn at any SISD school which has elected to implement a school uniform policy.



    • Solid Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, or White Polo Shirt, with or without a Cavalier Logo.
    • Every school issued Hernando Spirit T- Shirt in school colors.
    • It must be appropriately sized & of an appropriate length. The bottom of the shirt & top of the pants should always overlap.
    • Thursdays: College Shirt/Sweater Day


    • Students are encouraged to wear a Hernando sweater/ jacket.
    • Non-school sweaters/jackets will be allowed.
    • Uniform shirts must be worn under a non-school issued sweater/jacket.
    • Uniform checks are conducted before the first period of the day to ensure students are wearing their uniform top.


    • Students may wear any pants, shorts, or skorts that:
      • are free of holes or rips.
      • are not transparent or have transparent mesh above the knee.
      • are sized to a natural waistline.
    • Short/ skorts must not be shorter than fingertip length when arms are placed at the side.
    • No pajama pants


    • Closed toe tennis shoes with a hard rubber sole appropriate for PE.
    • Crocs, sandals, slides, boots, etc. are not appropriate for PE.

    Student ID: ID’s must be worn in a visible location at all times. ID should not be tampered with.

    The following items should never be worn while at school:

    • Sunglasses indoors.
    • Bandanas in any form.
    • Belt buckles with initials, names, logos, or metal studs/jewels will not be allowed.
    • Caps, hats, beanies, stocking caps, hoods or other items meant to cover the head unless used for religious purposes.

    The following dress code will be enforced on Free Dress days:

    • Tops:
      • Shirts must remain of an appropriate length. Shirt and pants should always overlap.
      • Should have at least a 2” strap. No halter tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops etc.
      • Undergarments should never be visible and the complete torso should always be covered.
    • Bottoms:
      • Naturally sized and worn at the waist.
      • Undergarments should never be visible.
      • Rips, tears, and holes are allowed so long as undergarments and pockets are not visible.
      • Should not be shorter than the tip of the longest finger.

    If you choose to, you can buy uniforms from the Hernando Middle School Team Shop.