• Stallion Dress Code

    It is the philosophy of the Socorro Independent School District and William D. Slider Middle School that all students should maintain high standards of dress. A committee of parents, students, and teachers adopted a uniform policy for Slider Middle School.

    Shirts & Required Colors:

    • Students will wear a white, navy blue, or forest green collared polo shirt with or without a Slider school logo.
    • White, navy blue, or forest green T-shirts will be allowed only if they have the Slider school uniform logo.

    Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Skorts Required Colors and Style:

    • Students will wear khaki, tan, blue or black pants in good repair. No other colors permitted.
    • Slim, regular, and relaxed-style pants and joggers are acceptable.
    • Wide-leg and baggy-fit pants are not acceptable.
    • The length of the pants must not touch/drag along the floor, and they must fit according to the waist size of the student.
    • No military style cargo pants are permitted.
    • Walking style/Bermuda style is allowed.
    • NO ragged edge, daisy dukes, spandex or stretch pants (leggings), hot pants or short shorts are permitted.
    • Shorts may not be rolled up. The length of skirts, skorts, and shorts must extend below the student’s fingertips when the student’s arms are extended at his/her sides.
    • Capri style pants are permitted.
    • Torn and slits of any kind are not permitted.

    Jackets/ Sweaters Required Colors and Style:

    • These must be zippered or buttoned down and can be worn as seasonably appropriate.
    • Jackets/coats must not cover the Slider logo while in the building.
    • Thermals, turtlenecks, or solid school colored long-sleeve shirts may be worn under the Slider logo shirts during cold weather.
    • Pull-over must be a white, navy blue, or forest green color with a Slider school logo.

    Accessory Dress Requirements/Restrictions:

    1. Caps, hats, bandannas, headbands, stocking caps and hoods etc. may not be worn. All of these accessories need to be left at home.
    2. For reasons of health and safety the following will not be allowed: sunglasses worn inside the building, and jewelry/ piercings in lips, eyebrows, nose, tongue, chin etc.
    3. No weapon like or oversized jewelry is allowed, including studded leather bracelets, oversized chains, or chained wallets. Beaded jewelry that uses fish line is particularly unsafe.
    4. Shoes must be worn at all times. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required. Shoes must have hard soles and be specifically designed for outside wear. Platform shoes (greater than 1 ½ inches) are not permitted for reasons of safety. Crocs (clogs) are not allowed on campus.

    P.E. Uniform

    The Physical Education Department at Slider Middle will require students to wear a P.E. uniform that has been approved by the Dress Code Committee.

    • Students taking Physical Education classes are required to wear our Royal Blue PE Shirt.
      • The shirt can be purchased at: Pen Art Tee 11426 Rojas Dr, STE A 915-920-7588 or at Classroom Uniforms 11985 Pellicano Drive 915-855-7400.
      • No spandex: Athletic bottoms (i.e., running shorts, leggings, joggers, or sweatpants in any color)
    Jeans and free dress are only approved through incentives provided by campus administration. Announcements will be done through our weekly newsletter.