• Sun Ridge Middle School is located in far east El Paso, Texas and is a proud member of the Socorro Independent School District. Our mascot is The General. Sun Ridge Middle School opened its doors on April of 2001 with 5th and 6th grade sections. Our school achieved academic recognition for the 2001-2002 school year by the Texas Education Agency. It is now a 6-8 school. Sun Ridge Middle School feeds into Pebble Hills High School.

    Sun Ridge currently houses 1045 students. It is now a 6-8 school.  Being located directly off the 375 Loop we are currently housing a great deal of students from the Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC). The Base Realignment and Closure program is the congressionally authorized process the Department of Defense uses to reorganize its base structure to more efficiently and effectively support our forces. (Gillmore, 2006)

    In 2006, Sun Ridge received the Texas Excellence in Education Grant. Sun Ridge was awarded this grant because the school was ranked within the top half of campuses with the highest percentages of educationally disadvantaged students enrolled at the campus. Schools were ranked from highest to lowest percentage within each school category—elementary, middle, high, and all grade campuses. Sun Ridge was rated in the top quartile performance with respect to Comparable Improvement in math or reading. (Texas Education Agency 2006) That same year Texas Monthly rated Sun Ridge one of the top middle schools in Texas. Texas Monthly got their information from the Austin-based National Center for Educational Accountability (NCEA). They analyzed how students fared in measurable curricular areas—reading, writing, math, science, and social studies—and taking the demographic makeup of the student body into account, NCEA's team is able to proclaim worthy schools “higher performing”. (Collins 2006)


    Mission Statement

    Sun Ridge Middle School will provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive, environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, excellence in learning, and the use of technology in preparation for successfully facing the challenges of the 21st century.

Last Modified on October 7, 2022