•  Why Join a Student Organization?


    There are many reasons why one should join a student organization. Some organizations enhance your school work and help you with your future career.   Other organizations help you with social skills and self-responsibility skills.  Check out these eight reasons to join a student organization.

    1. Networking: Network with students who have similar interests by joining a student organization which can help you with your career or hobby.
    2. Social Skills: As a student you want to engage in work and conversation with people different from yourself.
    3. Professional Experience: Professional chapter student organizations will expose you to careers which will provide leadership opportunities.  
    4. Time Management Skills: Practice and learn time management skills, the art of delegation, and self responsibility.  Learn to balance education and organizational work while focusing on your goals.
    5. Leadership Skills: Membership in a student organization gives you the opportunity to take a leadership role which teaches you the responsibility or challenge to be a leader.
    6. Alumni Networking: Student organizations usually try to bring in alumni who share their experiences.
    7. Organization and Management Skills: Many of us are not familiar with how an organization works and how to manage everything.  Develop your organization skills by learning how to raise money, manage finances, market an event and work as a team. 
    8. Friendships and Fun: Student organizations give you an opportunity to meet people, build friendships and have fun.