• Welcome to Benito Counseling

    John Kaudaissy

    Office Phone: 915-937-8010

    Office Hours

    Monday-Friday: 7:30-4:30

    Belief Statement

    We believe that all scholars learn in different ways. We believe that all scholars have a the responsibility to learn. We believe that "Patriot Pride comes from inside". 

    Vision Statement

    The Benito Martinez Elementary Counseling Program creates a program that will enable success through opportunities for academic growth, emotional support, and the preparation of students to pursue higher education in order to benefit themselves and the community. Our belief is based on that all students that attend school regularly will acquire the skills needed to be successful in high school, college and their career.

    Mission Statement

    The Counseling Department at Benito Martinez Elementary will provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program to all students in order to ensure all students reach their academic, personal, and social goals.

    Philosophy of Counseling

    My counseling philosophy is that I'm a support system to aid students in their personal growth, to maximize their potential and to aid in their academic achievement with the support of their teachers, their family and their community to help them become successful members of society.

    Areas of Guidance and Counseling for SISD

    • ASCA National Model
    • Grief and Trauma
    • Technology in Counseling
    • College and Career Readiness