Welcome to PE

  • Our Physical Education class teaches students to develop healthy living habits that will last a lifetime. Scholars participate in a wide variety of activities, sports, and challenges that will increase their physical, social, and mental abilities, teamwork, and cooperation skills. We hope to provide a safe, fun, and motivating class that will encourage all scholars to want to participate, have fun and try their best.


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      PE Expectations

      • We ask our scholars:

        • To be ready to learn and have fun.
        • To be ready to listen to coaches' instructions and directions at all times.
        • To acknowledge the 7 PE Expectations upon entering the gym.
        • To have appropriate running shoes/sneakers.
        • To bring a water bottle with them to PE.
        • Not to bring any toys, electronic devices, or anything that will distract themselves or others during class.
        • To practice kindness and be respectful of others.

        Grading Policy

        We ask our scholars to participate on a daily basis. We want them to understand that PE is a class and to give 100 percent effort in any and all activities we have for them. Failure to follow those directions will affect their weekly PE grade.

        PE Excused Absences 

        Scholars who bring a note from a parent/guardian may only be excused from PE for three days.  If a student needs to be excused for more than 3 days, then a doctor’s note will be required. And depending on the excused absence, a doctor's note may be required for clearance to return to PE class.


        • Verbal Warning
        • Be asked to sit out to think about their choices
        • A phone call to parent/guardian
        • Lunch Detention
        • Referral to the office


        • Coaches' praise
        • Exercise leaders/helpers
        • PE Scholar of the Week
        • End of Year Achievement


      Class Schedule

      • Time Grade Level
        8:00-8:45 Pre-K & Kinder
        8:45-9:45 Super School
        9:45-10:30 2nd Grade
        10:30-12:15 Conference, Duty & Lunch
        12:15-1:00 1st Grade
        1:00-1:45 3rd Grade
        1:45-2:30 4th Grade
        2:30-3:15 5th Grade