• Elfida P Chavez Elementary campus

    Elfida P. Chavéz Elementary opened its doors to students in the fall of 1997. It opened in conjunction with Montwood Middle and together the two schools are called SMART Academy. SMART stands for Science, Math and Reading Together. The schools are joined at the center and share the library.

    The first principal at Elfida P. Chavéz Elementary was Esther McCarthy and the first assistant principal was Rubina Rodriguez.

    Elfida P. Chávez Elementary
    Campus Facts

    Mascot: Moose

    School Cheer: Reach High, Go Far, Think Smart! Moose! Moose! Moose!

    Motto: Teaching Tomorrow Today

    Mission: Empowering all students to succeed through effective teaching.

    Core Values

    • Respect
    • Communication
    • High Expectations
    • Responsibilities
    • Teamwork
    • Sense of Humor
    • Student Centered

    Responsible teams strive to reach high expectations for all students through effective communication, respect for one another, while always maintaining a sense of humor.

    Student Conduct and Discipline

    Students at Elfida P. Chávez Elementary are expected to behave well and in a respectful manner to all adults as well as to each other. It is our philosophy that we are producing future law-abiding citizens that are self-disciplined, and caring towards others and who are growing toward the goal of internalized self-discipline.

Last Modified on October 17, 2019