• Escontrias Elementary School History


    Our school was named after Silverio Escontrias, an outstanding citizen in our area in the early nineteen hundreds. He acquired various land investments throughout his lifetime. Along with Juan Armendariz, Mr. Escontrias purchased the land now known as Hueco Tanks. Before long, a thriving cattle ranch, spanning six thousand acres, was established there. Later he acquired a tract of land on the outskirts of Ysleta, which produced cotton and alfalfa crops. Active management of the ranch was later turned over to his eldest son, while Mr. Escontrias oversaw the production of crops on the homestead farm.

    Along with working to establish his family, Silverio Escontrias also demonstrated great interest in his community. In his younger days, he served as a member of the Texas Rangers which helped to establish law and order to this region of the "Wild West." Throughout his lifetime, he contributed to various charities and other worthy causes. In 1921, Silverio and his wife, Pilar, donated the land to the County of El Paso so that our school could be built.

    Eleven years after his donation, Silverio Escontrias passed away at his home on the sixteenth of September. He was the father of eleven children: Juan, Manuela, Filberta, Fredencia, Jose, Pedro, Ramon, Santiago, Silverio Ramon II, and Carlos Escontrias.

    Escontrias Elementary would like to dedicate this web page to the Escontrias Family and thank them for their contribution. It is because of their generosity and foresight, that we stand on this ground today, teaching generations of our community's children. From this donated land, a school has been established, winning a National Blue Ribbon Award and a Bronze Medal from National Center for Urban School Transformation in 2014.